Ever since I started to watch hockey games in public places, I often hear people yell “Pass it to Bergeron!”, “Hit him!” and my personnal favorite “Shoot to the net!”. Arent people smart enought to realise that, primo, you have no telekinesis power and they won’t hear you, and, even if you had, are they going to take advice from random drunk dudes? Secondo, arent you stating the obvious? The net is freaking open OF COURSE HES GOING TO SHOOT EVENTUALLY.  Its like watching Tennis and saying “SMASH IT HARD!” or watching golf saying “Put it on the green!”. From the point of view of somebody who isnt familiar with the sport, they might look like Naustradamus but to me they look like posers. Listen to them! I’m not crazy I hear them ALL THE TIME. The massive usage of obviousness amongs Quebec sports fan is outrageous.

Im now pissed just by writing this….. Good day.