Foosball Weekend Addendum Monday, May 31 2010 

So this weekend was the big bi-annual foosball tournament at MainStreet bar in Montreal. Like usual, lots of drama came with it. A lot of it can be resumed by a simple french statement, overly used by me “Les gars savent pas jouer” which mean “People don’t know how to play”. Such a big statement but let me clear things up. There was more arguments over the rules than actual competition. I saw pros learning rules they didn’t know about, and this, half-way in a semi-final match. How can this be possible? If you want a sport to have credibility, the first thing you make clear is the rules of the game. Also, when your opponent is at the same time the only referee available, judgement can be biased. How about you run your own tournament then? This is usually the reply I get when complaining. I don’t have the intention of doing so but be sure that if I would, the rules would be posted somewhere, available for everyone to consult.

On my end, I did terrible. I lost to teams that didn’t have half the practice and preparation we had. There was this goalie who was basically shooting on our guys all the time, not understanding that we had his shot covered 100%. He kept trying like it was bad luck on his end… All the players we faced didn’t improve their game an inch since last years. same shots, same bad five bar, same low-technical play style. They were all semi-average casual bar players who we usually destroy.

I will be ashamed of playing foosball again for at least the next 3 months. With such poor results, I just lost all the credibility I had. All the theorem I tried to build, the strategies I enforced my partners to use, all the work I made just lost all its purpose and its back to step one zero. I cant even have an intelligent discussion with my partners without having to prove and explain all my statements.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, instead of forcing people into my play style, I will be focusing on me and improving it on my own. I will deal with what others decide to do and live with it, because sometimes, I think its hard to believe in a team where opinions are really different. You want to win but losing could prove a previous argument. How can anyone perform well in a play style they don’t 100% agree with? And, I fully understand that since, my tournament results have never been really convincing. How can I induce people to believe in what I say when I have nothing to back my arguments?

Aside from the great Friday night I had with my friends, lets just say the weekend pretty much sucked lolyaok.


Captain OBV Friday, May 21 2010 

Ever since I started to watch hockey games in public places, I often hear people yell “Pass it to Bergeron!”, “Hit him!” and my personnal favorite “Shoot to the net!”. Arent people smart enought to realise that, primo, you have no telekinesis power and they won’t hear you, and, even if you had, are they going to take advice from random drunk dudes? Secondo, arent you stating the obvious? The net is freaking open OF COURSE HES GOING TO SHOOT EVENTUALLY.  Its like watching Tennis and saying “SMASH IT HARD!” or watching golf saying “Put it on the green!”. From the point of view of somebody who isnt familiar with the sport, they might look like Naustradamus but to me they look like posers. Listen to them! I’m not crazy I hear them ALL THE TIME. The massive usage of obviousness amongs Quebec sports fan is outrageous.

Im now pissed just by writing this….. Good day.

Lazyness at his best Wednesday, May 19 2010 

Why does getting a new appartment is such a big deal? I understand i’m going to be living inside someone elses bulding, and the owner will do as much as they can to make sure they have people who will pay on time and not trash the whole place BUT why do WE have to provide them the info?

They are loooking to fill thier empty appartement so THEY should be doing thier own research. Here is where im standing in front the the whole process :

1 : I dont want to meet you. I want an appartment not a friend.
2 : I dont want to provide you any info on my income and/or past. Do your own research I have nothing to prove.
3 : Don’t get chatty while I visit the damn place. Awnser my questions so we can both GTFO ASAP.
4 : Get in 2010 and accept bank-to-bank wired transfert. Cash only payments are so inconvienient…

I wouldnt mind paying an extra 100$ on the first payment just so I dont get to deal with all the usual crap. I can already hear people tell me “you are not an exception, we all been throught that … bla bla bla” just let me rant while im in the process.


Where did everything go?! Wednesday, May 19 2010 

I don’t think it was a good idea to have it all public so the project is going private.

I will allow contributors on a “invite-only” basis.

This blog will be more about everyday stuff an whatnot.


A new deck is born Saturday, May 8 2010 

I decided to start constructed deckbuilding, this could be a long project but my main goal is flirt around this card :


It has huge potential in all the constructed MTG format execpt maybe Vintage.

I’m open to comments and will post development progress in here!